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Ljuba | Sergej Trifunoviĉ

Producer's statement

Many stories were told and many films were made about the war in ex-Yugoslavia, it's cause and destructiveness. Everybody who directly or indirectly took part in those terrible moments of our past, have found and still find the fresh way to tell his or her own story from the new point of view.

Rajko decided to laugh about everything. Loudly. And he decided to make audience laugh. That is why I think "Border Post" is a great project. Because, "Border Post" is the story about the people who felt that something tragic will happen but they could not define neither it's cause, duration nor dimension. And the main point and beauty of this film is exactly that loud laugh. That is why this film cures. And that is why I want to produce this film. I want to help Rajko to tell the story from his point of view.

On the other side the experience I got as the producer and distributor of the films such as "Fuse", "Summer in the Golden Valley" and "Days and Hours" is showing that audience keeps coming back to the cinemas so we can expect huge success.  The first guaranty for  that is the director Rajko Grlic. His films such as a "This melody haunts my reverie" and "In the Jaws of Life" had over 1 million admissions in the former country.

The novel "Nothing should surprise us" by Ante Tomic who is also a co-writer of the "Border Post" is a further thing which would attract the audience. This novel was the best-seller in the year 2004 in the whole region.

Producing "Border Post" is a challenge not only because of the fact that this is the first co-production between the countries of former Yugoslavia together with Danijel Hocevar from Slovenia, Vladimir Anastasov from Macedonia, and Boris Matic from Croatia, but also because this production reflects the specific ambience of every part of the former country. Beside all this "Border Post" is the project that depicts characteristic Rajko Grlic's style in it's best light.

The structure of this co-production enables us possible to work with the best creative and technical team and gives us an access to the best technical, studio and location infrastructure.

Ademir Kenoviĉ, Producer