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Screenwriter and Director: Igor Mirkovic
Editor: Sven Pavlinic
Year of production: 2006
Genre: Documentary film
Length: 54 min
Produced by: NP 7
The film was made with the help of Jutarnji list
Jutarnji list

"The Tenth Film" is a documentary film about the three year-long production process for "Border Post," starting from the first ideas and sketches for the film, covering the long search for actors, and ending with the very complex on-location shoot with a hundred and twenty crew members from five countries. 

"The Tenth Film" is a film about the adventure of creativity-about joy and euphoria.  But it's also about a creative voyage through troubled waters and stormy weather. In short, it's a film about the production of "Border Post."  But it's also a film about the creation of any film.

Igor Mirkovic, award winning director of feature length documentaries ("Croatia 2000", "Happy Kid"), was a crew member for "Border Post," affording him the very rare opportunity to be privy to all aspects of the production, to witness and record everything. To shoot fifty-three days and nights of the long fight for a film. 

This is a testament about the creative process, told from the closest possible observational position to that process.  "The Tenth Film" demystifies the process of creation, based on the vast experience of the director of "Border Post," Rajko Grlic. "Border Post" is his tenth feature.